Flat text to json object

Hi there
I have a problem to transform this line form a log file line to a json object.
The line is like this
[2020-02-14 14:33:08.882] [VALUE1] [VALUE2] [VALUE3] [VALUE4] [VALUE5] [VALUE6] [VALUE7] [VALUE8] # Other text
Property1 : "VALUE1",
Property2 : "VALUE2",
Property3 : "VALUE3",
Property4 : "VALUE4",
Property5 : "VALUE5",
Property6 : "VALUE6",
Property7 : "VALUE7",
Property8 : "VALUE8",
Property9: "Other text"
to store it easily in elasticsearch.

Thanks for any help

with this
filter {
grok {
match => { "message" => "[%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:Property1}] [%{WORD:Property2}] [%{WORD:Property3}] [%{WORD:Property4}] [%{WORD:Property5}] [%{WORD:Property6}] [%{WORD:Property7}] [%{DATA:Property8}] [%{DATA:Property9}] ?# %{DATA:Property10}" }
but last key-value property10 : # other text.... does not give me 'other text...'
Any help?

Using Grok Debugger in Kibana I got this (basically added end of line which is $ to the end of the GROK pattern


Resulted in

  "Property4": "VALUE3",
  "Property3": "VALUE2",
  "Property2": "VALUE1",
  "Property1": "2020-02-14 14:33:08.882",
  "Property10": "Other text",
  "Property9": "VALUE8",
  "Property8": "VALUE7",
  "Property7": "VALUE6",
  "Property6": "VALUE5",
  "Property5": "VALUE4"

Thank s a lot, it works,

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