Following steps for setting up Infrastructure monitoring app does not work

I am setting up the infrastructure monitoring for a Kubernetes cluster on GCP. I am using a hosted Elastic cloud. I followed the steps for setting up Metricbeat on kubernetes as stated online but the Infrastructure app or the kibana dashboard does not populate with any data.

Please advice on correct approach to set up Kubernetes monitoring.


@akalra I'm sorry you're having trouble getting it working. Let see if we can remedy that... I have a few questions just so we are on the same page:

What version are you running? (Metricbeat, ES, Kibana)
Are you seeing any errors in Kibana or the logs?
Is Metricbeat sending data directly to ES or are you going through something like Logstash (or Kafka)?
Can you see the data in Discover?

@simianhacker The versions are 7.4.0 for kibana, APM and elasticsearch. The file that i downloaded from the process provided online for deployment on Kubernetes lists the metricbeat docker image tagged to version 6.0.1(

The values for ELASTIC_CLOUD_ID and CLOUD_AUTH were updated and the deployment subsequently done. I assume that Metricbeat is sendind data directly to ES since no changes were made to the file besides updating the above parameters.

I am not seeing any data in Discover either.


No data in "Discover" for the "metricbeat-*" index pattern? Sounds like the data isn't making it to Elasticsearch. Are there any connection errors in the Metricbeat logs?

@simianhacker seems that updating the metricbeat image to 7.4.0 did the trick. The data is there in Discover and the [Metricbeat Kubernetes] Overview ECS is populating with data. Thanks!!
However, i am not seeing the data for nodes or deployment in this stock dashboard although some of the stats are there. Is there some additional configuration required?
PS: kube-state-metrics is already deployed.

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