Forwarding Error/Fatal events into Oracle Database

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Hello there

I'm using the ELKX stack with filebeat.

I was using the E-Mail-output-plugin until i once generated 90000 e-mails in 10 minutes and my e-mail provider contacted me that he will blacklist my smtp server if this happens again. :wink:

I'm now looking for a solution which allows me to get notified when a error/fatal event raises somewhere in the logs. I just need something which allows me to mark a event as readed/deleted as i could in the e-mails.

I was looking for a solution to write from oracle directly into a Oracle Database where i would build on Top a UI.

What i explored so far:

  1. Exec plugin generate a sql and execute SQL Plus on commandline (not very stable ;))
  2. write a file and read it with a batch jobs and put it into the DB
  3. I'm currently looking for a solution to use the exec plugin and call a jar which takes the event as json parameter. But i didn't find a solution to get the json string inside the exec plugin.
  4. i saw but didn't try because it seems not to be supported anymore the jdbc-output-plugin i found on github.

So i start to get the feeling that i'm looking at the wrong place or the wrong solution for my issue. Is there a better/ more common way to achieve what i'm looking for?

regards Severin

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No one a idea?

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