Forwarding logs from 4.7 to external logstash via filebeat

Hi Team,

We have deployed filebeat v7.15 daemon sets on Openshift v4.7

We are able to connect external logstash by using default path: /var/log/containers/*.log

We need to setup only one particular Openshift project application log path and it needs to be forwarded to external logstash.

filebeat.yml: |-
- type: container
- /var/log/containers/*.log
- add_kubernetes_metadata:
host: ${NODE_NAME}
- logs_path:
logs_path: "/var/log/containers/"

Application log path inside project pods is /opt/eap/standalone/logs/test.log

Kindly help me with the configuration yaml to forward this application log path to external log stash and to visualise it on kibana.

Thanks in advance

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