FreeBSD and filebeat modules?


I'm using FreeBSD 11.3 (FreeNAS) and installed beats using it's pkg repository. Collecting and sending logs I manually added inputs for works fine, but I don't get the modules to run.

I can only find in the documentation how to use "modules.d" to setup and start the modules but FreeBSD don't seem to offer this.
I found module config files in the folder "/usr/local/share/beats/filebeat/module/" and tried to edit them to get the mysql, system, redis and apache module working but that doesn't work.

I changed for example the log paths in the file "/usr/local/share/beats/filebeat/module/mysql/_meta/config.yml" to the right location but it doesn't work.

What am I supposed to do on a FreeBSD system to setup and start the modules?

And does someone know how to configure the “system” module? It asks for a syslog file but the syslog of FreeBSD creates several diffent logfiles and not a single one. Is that module able to work with FreeBSDs “debug.log, devd.log,, …”?

Would be great if someone could help me.
I wasn't able to find any tutorial for FreeBSD 11.X explaining how to setup modules.

Unfortunately FreeBSD isn't a supported OS for us at this point, so the modules will not work out of the box, and it's possible whoever packaged them for FreeNAS made a few changes to suit this.

I'm sorry I don't have a solution for you here.

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