Full http path?

Is it possible to have packetbeat output the full path including the domain name vs just the uri?

Display www.example.com/getmethispage/ vs. just showing /getmethispage

Packetbeat doesn't generate any field with the full URL, this could be misleading in some cases depending on the requests done by clients, for example to have a full URL you might also need some parameters, apart of the valid Host header.

You can find the hostname used in the request in the field http.request_headers.host, and the full path in the path field.

Thank you. If I want to collect these header fields would the line look like this in the packetbeat.yml?

send_headers: ["from","host", "code", "link", "server", "x-pingback", "phrase"]

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Exactly, that's it, you need to specify the list of headers you want to capture using send_headers. Also setting send_all_headers to true collects all headers.

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