GELF multiline codec doesn't work

I am attempting to set up the multiline input for GELF but it doesn't seem to work and I'm not sure why. Is there a way to debug the multiline input, or does anybody know otherwise why this wouldn't be working?

Here's the configuration. I have tried a number of different patterns but none of them seem to work:

gelf {
        port => 12201
        type => gelf
        codec => multiline {
            pattern => "^\s"
            what => next

Other relevant details:

  • I am sending logs from the Docker daemon from a different machine via the gelf log driver
  • Logs are showing up in Logstash fine, the multiline functionality is the only part that isn't working
  • Docker version is 1.13 for the hosts sending logs, version 1.11 on the ELK side
  • Logstash and the rest of the ELK stack is running as a container and is v5.2

Any idea what could be causing the problem or how to fix?

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