Generating groc and save it to different variables


I have a data like;

<Aug 02, 2016 11:21:05:049 AM> <q1w2e3r4-q1w2-q1w2-1234-q1w2e3r4t5y6-12345678> <qwe_rty_Qwe_rty_Qwerty> <ASDF_ZXCV> <qwerttfdsa> <qazxswedcv> <qwe.rtyuio.Asdfghjk.ZxcvBnmmMNB.asdFGhjklOs> <aytecftCgfien>
 <QAZXSW: qaz.xswedc.xswedcvfr: Sample string: sample
	sample data 1
	sample data 2
	sample data 3

the data is in tags. first tag is "timestamp" second is "taga", third is "tagb" etc. How can I create a groc pattern like, first tag data into timestamp, second into "taga" etc?

Each token can be matched with <(?<tagX>[^>]*)>, i.e. "capture into field tagX all characters between < and >".