Geoip cache_size # relates to + flush frequency?


The default is cache_size for geoip is documented at 1000. Is that 1000 IPs, bytes/kb?

Also with pereodic_flush:false (default), when does this flush?

Tracing down a mismatch IP where going back a month up until this morning it states the IP is Ukraine, other databases state its the UK, i signed upto geolite2 and downloaded the country CSV, that stated updated 30 March and the IP is linked to the UK.

Might just be that i need to set periodic_flush:true


I have found this logstash update in github for a geoip download manager, updated 7 days ago, cannot find those files in 7.12.0 - logstash/x-pack/lib/filters/geoip at ca76c0c484ff6a2c73ae173eb05c28b8e7e7cdcb · elastic/logstash · GitHub

linked to 7.13.0 Geoip database service by kaisecheng · Pull Request #12675 · elastic/logstash · GitHub

Hopefully waiting for 7.13.0 will resolve my issue

IPs. The code creates a com.maxmind.db.CHMCache, which is just a wrapper for a ConcurrentHashMap. The size parameter of that is the number of entries.

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