Get Data from prometheus monitored systems


i found already this thread which is mentioning what i want to do, but i get no clue how to do it. Can we receiver metrics from prometheus monitored systems via the /metrics http api from prometheus? Which requirements have to be setup on prometheus side to use this?

All I found regarding this topics are this things:

Which is not really helpful. :confused:

Maybe someone can give a hint into the right direction how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

I read some informations about prometheus and toyed a bit around.. maybe i understand now better what the metricbeat prometheus module does. (collector)

It seems that this module collects metrics not from prometheus itself, but from the prometheus exporter scrapeurls which you can get when you call the http api with this command:

curl http://<prom-ip>:9090/api/v1/targets

Can anyone confirm that my assumptions are correct?

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