Get field with nested array using ruby filter

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Hi All

I have a json data in this format


i am getting result in kibana as below after using json filter

foo: bar,
test.steps : { "response_time": "100" }, { "more_nested": [ { "hello": "world" }, { "hello2": "world2" } ], "response_time": "101" }

My expected result is

foo: bar
test.steps.responsetime :100
test.steps.more_nested.hello : world
test.steps.more_nested.hell2 : world2

How can achieve this with ruby filter, i have tried this below but not working
after reading multiple old thread i got this, but looks like there is some problem with 5.x version. Please me know the problem below

ruby {
    init => "
        def arrays_to_hash(h)
          h.each do |k,v|
            value = v || k
            if value.is_a?(Array)
                value_hash = {}
                value.each_with_index do |v, i|
                    value_hash[i.to_s] = v
                h[k] = value_hash

            if value.is_a?(Hash) || value.is_a?(Array)
      code => "
	  event.set('newevent',arrays_to_hash )

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any comments to my code above, i am still not able to proceed.

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