Get http site body content with metricbeat or heartbeat

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Sorry for the newbie request... I managed to deploy & configure metribeat & heartbeat to monitor a few things, and make some graphs.
Unfortunately did not manage to get the body content of a simple webpage with the folowing http.yml configuration in metricbeat.
Could you please tell how i can do this ?

  • module: http
    metricsets: ["json"]
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["localhost:8182"]
    namespace: "json_namespace"
    path: "/TDV/isAlive"
    body: ""
    method: "GET"
    request.enabled: true
    response.enabled: true

(Andrew Cholakian) #2

Is the endpoint you're trying to reach JSON?

Are there any errors in the metricbeat logs?

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No, the endpoint is not JSON. The logs show an error with the namespace (seems legit).
Is it mandatory ?

I also tried with the Metricbeat http module : metricsets: ["server"]
And also with Heartbeat and did not succeed

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Hmmm, so the overall goal here is to fetch a webpage and get its contents.

This sounds a lot like heartbeat, but you also want the HTTP body, which it doesn't store. Is that a correct understanding?

May I ask what you want the body for?

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You're absolutely right :slight_smile:
I'd like to get the body of a very light life-test web page for monitoring and build watcher alerts.

Do you think that's possible ?
One desperate solution may be to get the body content with a wget and send the output to a log file which would be send to kibana with Filebeat, but that seems really... desperate and awfull.

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