Get indexed Elasticsearch document body from Logstash


Is there a way to see the exact body of a document that Logstash indexed? I'm using the Elasticsearch output plugin.

Context: in our production environment, some data is output into Elasticsearch by Logstash. In Elasticsearch, the document has a multi-field (text and keyword). However, keyword is missing in the test. In my test, the documents that Logstash output in production are added manually; I only index the '_source' of the document. I'd like to know the exact document that Logstash indexes to get the mapping right.

_source fields store just as the _source fields in the inputs to Elasticsearch.
Elasticsearch output plugin constructs _source field from any fields in the events in Logstash other than metadata.

The keyword field was created by Elasticsearch according to the multi-field mappings of the target index.
What do you want to get? Can you share sample of stdout ouput and what you want store in Elasticsearch?

output {
  stdout {}

Turns out I do actually have the keyword field in the test documents. Thanks for your reply nonetheless.

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