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Hi, lets say i have an elastic stack running in docker. In another pc i have an Alfresco running in docker as well. In the same pc i also have filebeat that is running in docker too. The Alfresco image has tomcat and postgresql logs. How am i gonna get these logs and visualize them in kibana. I am only able to get and visualize logs from none dockerized services like an Apache server in my system's /var/log/*.log. I run filebeat via docker-compose.

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You could look at the deployment files provided for Kubernetes deployment and see if you could adapt from there? - certainly in a K8s environment I've got Filebeat running in one container harvesting both platform logs and logs from other containers.


Ok i found a way.

  1. I can configure "Docker input " and "Filebeat autodiscover" inside filebeat.yml
  2. I can use "volumes" to get log files locally and then set the corresponding path to each module inside filebeat.yml.
    Thanks for the help.

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