Get only specific fields from a data file

Hi all

I'm new in elasticsearch and I don't have much knowledge about it.
I have a data file that contains about a hundred fields but I only need 25 fields.
However, I'm not sure which logstash filter to use to exctrat fields that I want. I really need help.
I use logstash 7 and data must be sent to Elasticsearch 7.

Any Ideas ?
Thanks in advance

What format is the datafile in?

Once you know which input filter to apply then you can always remove the data fields that you don't want using the mutate filter inside logstash.

Hello Andreas,
Thanks for your reply...

The datafile format is not CSV, JSON or XML. The structure is quite particular and it's formed like this : Value1 Value2Value3Value4 Value5 Value6 ....
I try to use the CSV filter and mutate but it does not put the right values in the appropriate fields

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