Getting curl logs while having solr and elasticSearch both implemented in the same service

The below screenshot represents how the curl logs are coming.

I'm using the below dependency for Elasticsearch -

    api group: 'co.elastic.clients', name: 'elasticsearch-java', version: '8.12.0'

And for Solr, I'm using the below dependency -

   api group: 'org.apache.solr', name: 'solr-solrj', version: '9.4.1'

I tried setting the logs off in the logback.xml file, but that didn't work either. I tried the using the below mentioned groups but none of them worked in setting the logs off.

<logger name="org.elasticsearch.client" level="DEBUG" </logger> ,
<logger name="org.elasticsearch.client" level="OFF" </logger> ,
<logger name="co.elastic.clients" level="OFF" </logger> ,
<logger name="co.elastic.clients" level="DEBUG" </logger> ,
<logger name="co.elastic.clients" level="DEBUG" additivity="false"> <appender-ref ref="DAILY_APP_LOG_FILE" /> <appender-ref ref="STASH" /> </logger>
<logger name="org.elasticsearch.client.sniffer" level="OFF" </logger> ,
<logger name="org.elasticsearch.client.RestClient" level="OFF" </logger>

<root level="${LEVEL:-TRACE}">
        <appender-ref ref="STDOUT"/>

How to turn off these curl logs without changing the log level from TRACE.

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