Getting duplicate Log entries in Redis

Hi Team,

When I am trying to push the real time transaction logs to Redis server, redis recieves two copies of each log in production.....

I checked the conf.d folder, there was two config files...
But when I tried to recreate the same on Development environment inorder to check the working, Its not happening... I have recreated by keeping more than one conf file in conf.d folder.
But the Logs are pushing Normally....What could be the reason for duplicate entries in Production?

For chances of getting help I suggest you move this topic to the Logstash category since it's unrelated to the deprecated logstash-forwarder software.

Logstash will read all files in /etc/logstash/conf.d. What was in your two files? Did you have two redis outputs?


I am getting two entries of same log on appenonly.aof of Redis....
So how we can assume its related to Logstash, since redis comes before Logstash...


So what pushes the events to Redis?

Logstash Forwader.....

The logstash-forwarder software,, doesn't support Redis output. You're probably running Logstash, in which case my previous questions still apply and remain unanswered.

Hi magnus,

Now its working fine, deleted extra files from conf.d folder