Getting error while monitoring JVM via metricbeat

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Hi Team,

I am using simple commands to monitor JVM attributes with the help of metricbeat.

- module: jolokia
  metricsets: ["jmx"]
  enabled: true
  period: 1s
  hosts: ["host:8075"]
  namespace: "metrics"
    - mbean: 'java.lang:type=Runtime'
        - attr: Uptime
          field: uptime
    - mbean: 'java.lang:type=GarbageCollector,name=ConcurrentMarkSweep'
        - attr: CollectionTime
          field: gc.cms_collection_time
        - attr: CollectionCount
          field: gc.cms_collection_count
    - mbean: 'java.lang:type=Memory'
        - attr: HeapMemoryUsage
          field: memory.heap_usage
        - attr: NonHeapMemoryUsage
          field: memory.non_heap_usage

Here, 8075 is my JMX port.
I am getting below error in Kibana:

failed to unmarshal jolokia JSON response '': invalid character '\x00' looking for beginning of value

Let me know how to resolve this issue.

(Noémi Ványi) #2

I have seen a similar issue: Metricbeat jolokia module: "Cannot unmarshal json response"
This might be useful for you.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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