Getting logs from pods via filebeat

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Im hoping to get logs from my k8 pods (which are writing to stdout/stderr) via filebeat. At this point all Im seeing are what's being written to /var/log/messages on the k8 host.

Ive started the daemonset sample from (with the a change to write to logstash and not elasticsearch). I added these lines in hopes of getting some annotations:

    - config:
        - type: docker
            - "${}"

I have a test container that writes a simple datetime string every second.

In any event - Im missing some steps here or not understanding what's supposed to be happening.

  • does this system require that filebeat is running on the k8 host?
  • should I be seeing annotations? is the above sufficient to add them?

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Answer: for whatever reason my system was setup to write to journald. As a result filebeat didn't have any logs to work with. I updated /etc/sysconfig/docker on the k8 hosts to write json logs and this fixed the problem.

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