Getting Nested Fields Elasticsearch Filter

I using the logstash-elasticsearch-filter to correlate events from Elasticsearch. Some of the fields that I need to return from the Elasticsearch hit are nested. I have been unable to retrieve these docs and the result is always null.

I am using Logstash 5.6.5 and ES 5.6.5.

Here is my configuration:

       "fields" => {            
           "field.otherField.anotherField" => "p_time_gmt"

I have also tried:


Without luck.

The json response from ES looks like:

field": {
        "otherField": [
                "anthorField": "someText"

I was able to solve the problem using a workaround. I extracted the top level key and then parsed it with a mutate filter. I think this is a bug and would be a useful feature.

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