Getting the IP address of the Winlogbeat host from Logstash

In the new upcoming Winlogbeat 5.0.0 will it be able to send the computers IP address to logstash, so that in logstash we can add a Geo Location?

Your question is a little vague, so I will assuming you are asking "Will Winlogbeat 5.0.0 report raw event data in a structured format?" The answer to that question is yes. For example, if the event is 4624 which contains a field called IpAddress, this will be reported by Winlogbeat as event_data.IpAddress. You'll be able to use Logstash to add geoip information to the event. There is a blog post showing how to use Winlogbeat 5.0 + Logstash to visualize remote logon locations.

If you are asking if Winlogbeat will report the IP address for the computer sending the event then the answer is no.

The hostname will however be included so it should be possible to use Logstash's dns filter to resolve the hostname to an IP address. Obviously, only routable non-RFC1918 IP addresses are useful with the geoip filter.

Thank you Magnus that was exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for my late reply.