Getting two values in one key in kv filter

(Sakshi Aggarwal) #1

Greetings Everyone! :slight_smile:

I have attached my output.

I have got two Timestamps in my Log file , both of different format .

Please help me with the code so that I can achieve either of the following :

  1. To eliminate one value and parse it using date filter .
  2. To parse both the values and target the filtered values to @timestamp so that I can visualize in order to create Dashboard.

(Magnus Bรคck) #2

Well, we don't know the origin of the two timestamps so we can't give any advice about which of them should be kept. Just don't try to make @timestamp an array of timestamps.

(Sakshi Aggarwal) #3

Okay ,Thanks.
I will only keep one of the values of the timestamp array

(system) #4

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