Git repo stable tag

The apm-agent-java repo has recently had a tag "stable" added. However, every time it is moved it is published as a new release on the RSS feeds.

I assume that's not what is intended. If it's planned to be moved any further it should probably be a branch instead. Tags are supposed to mark permanent positions in a commit history.

Thanks for reporting that @OrangeDog , we actually use the stable tag only as a "reference to the last build success on master" for CI automation, thus there should be no difference between a tag and a branch. However, we weren't aware of the effect to use a tag on Github, I'll check how we could improve that.

It looks like there's nothing you can do, other than stop moving tags on GitHub projects.

We are now using the latest branch for the same purpose, and the stable tag has just been removed from the repository (and is no more listed in the releases on GitHub).

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