Github PR fix CLA error

Hey fellow logstash users,

I've made a PR Header line by zamblauskas · Pull Request #12 · logstash-plugins/logstash-filter-csv · GitHub ,
I had signed the CLA, but hadn't made my email public on Github profile, hence the :

CLA — Some commit authors have not signed the CLA or are not members of...

I've now made the email public, is it somehow possible to trigger this CLA check again ?


It's probably easier if you ask that on the PR itself :slight_smile:

@zamblauskas The last commit at was made with an robe****@ig**** email address. I guess you need to either revert the author for this commit (and update the branch) or sign the CLA again.

What a noob mistake, commited with work email :tired_face:
Thanks for pointing this out :wink:
Will sign the CLA again.