Go-template certificate parse error

trying to get certificates and install as mentioned here but

not able to run the command mentioned here

kubectl get secret my-elastic-depl-es-http-certs-public -o go-template='{{index .data "tls.crt" | base64decode }}' > tls.crt
error: error parsing template {{index .data tls.crt | base64decode }}, template: output:1: function "tls" not defined

im on windows10 and using azure aks cluster

This is the error you get if you forgot the quotes around tls.crt, at least on MacOS or Linux with kubectl v1.19.

Could you double check that you put them in your command ?

i actually ran this command
kubectl get secret banana-elastic-depl-es-http-certs-public -o go-template='{{index .data "tls.crt" | base64decode }}' > tls.crt
above is error i got

kubectl get secret elastic-depl-es-http-certs-public -o go-template='{{index .data \"tls.crt\" | base64decode }}' > tls.crt

this fixed on windows powershell