Going from detection page to rule page in 1 click


Just an idea (which might already be on some roadmap). It would save us a lot of time if we could go from the Detections page straight to the rule page. This could be done for example by adding a button to:

Currently we need to go through "Manage Signal Detections", look for the rule and then click the rule (unless I'm missing something).




Hi Willem,

I feel like that I am going to say something wrong here or I did not understand you, but you should be able to click on the rule name to go to the rule page, if not we are having a bug. Can you try to click on SMB Activity to the internet...

@Xavier_Mouligneau Hmm very weird, thought I tried that.., (probably missed it completely...) Updated to 7.9.2 today (from 7.8.1) and just tested it and anyway it works now! Tx and sry for wasting yr time.

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