Google Workplace no new events

Hi All,

i have configure filebeat to grab the data from Google, but after a period of time it will stop grabbing the data from Google. If i restart the filebeat process ( Centos7.6 : Filebeat v 7.11.2-1 ) new events will start coming in again but again will stop after a period of time, normally 15-30mins

I have run the process with filebeat -e and can see

|2021-06-07T10:10:58.972+0100|ERROR|[processor.javascript]|console/console.go:54|extract_page failed for ''|
> |---|---|---|---|---|
> |2021-06-07T10:11:17.412+0100|ERROR|[processor.javascript]|console/console.go:54|extract_page failed for ''|
> |2021-06-07T10:11:19.983+0100|ERROR|[processor.javascript]|console/console.go:54|extract_page failed for ''|

Any suggestions


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