Gork fpr the DNS qureu log

Hello Experts,

I've below logstream data which indeed a DNS query data where i have a literal dot after view external: query: which usually referred to be an IP address or a domain address but here its coming as dot for some cases which is been presented as null whereas i want this to be stored into a variable which later can be seen as a literal dot . in the Kibana dashboard.

30-Jul-2019 22:35:19.766 queries: info: client view external: query: . IN A + ( <-- this the log which has dot

31-Jul-2019 22:30:03.278 queries: info: client view external: query: api.zhuti.intl.xiaomi.com IN A +ED ( <-- this is usual log stream

Below is the grok i'm using to parse the above log, indeed i'm looking for the gork which can work for both the pattern of logs.

%{MONTHDAY:day}-%{MONTH:month}-%{YEAR:year} %{TIME:time} queries: info: client %{IPV4:internal_dns}#%{INT:srcport}:%{DATA}:%{SPACE}%{WORD}:%{SPACE}(?:%{HOSTNAME:Client_Address}|(.*)) %{DATA:querytpe1} %{DATA:querytype2} %{DATA:querytype3} %{SPACE}\(%{IPV4:external_dns}\)

Please Suggest.

Thanks for the help in Advanced,



Thanks @Badger , sorry for the confusion, i just tested and saw the below gork expression Just works fine for both the psotes logs.

%{MONTHDAY:day}-%{MONTH:month}-%{YEAR:year} %{TIME:time} queries: info: client %{IPV4:internal_dns}#%{INT:srcport}:%{DATA}:%{SPACE}%{WORD}:%{SPACE} %{DATA:querytpe1} %{DATA:querytype2} %{DATA:querytype3} %{SPACE}\(%{IPV4:external_dns}\)

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