Got error when run simple config file first time

Just install local host Logstash 5.4.1
I ceated the simple config file at the Logstash folder and run
c:\logstash-5.4.1\bin>logstash -f logstash-simple.conf
and got this:
Using JAVA_HOME=C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe retrieved from PATH
Cannot locate Java installation, specified by JAVA_HOME:

Why? What should I do?

It is because JAVA_HOME environment is referring to invalid/unknown Java installation. Generally it is installed in "C:\Program Files\Java".

I recommend that you check this directory for any valid JDK/JRE (if there is none, then you need to install one) and lastly update JAVA_HOME with this valid installation path.

Hi Thiago
Can you please refer me to the download site of Java_Home environment?

JAVA_HOME shouldn't point to the java.exe executable but to the root of the installation directory (the one containing directories like bin and lib).

Got it

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