Grok comma separated text

Hi all,
I want to grok a message like

blablabla: entry_1, entry_2, entry_3

the message has at least 1 entry after the : and CAN HAVE up to x entries, which are separated with ",".
I need a grok which matches the first entry and also matches every optionally entry, separated by a "," all assigned to the field "entries".

Thanks in advance

EDIT: in Rubular it would be just like


But I cannot figure out how to use this in grok

I would do this in two steps. First split out the key blablabla and the csv data, and then split the data into an array.

filter {
  grok {
    match => { "message" => "[^:]*: %{GREEDYDATA:mycsvdata}"}
  mutate {
    split => {"mycsvdata" => "," }

This will result in:

"mycsvdata":["entry_1"," entry_2"," entry_3"]

is there no way with grok? this line is a part of a pattern and my filter consists of many many patterns. so I have to split this line in the pattern itself.

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