Grok debug

I have problem with my grok filter.
When i adding new pattern in MATCH section ~ 80% message lost.
I check my filter in grok debugger - it's fine
How i can debug (step by step) my filter?
Can i see how grok work with every message?

I want create synthetic test, for 1000 message, and put out logs to file.
Maybe you recomend somthig else.

p.s. if my investigationv will f*ckup i demonstrate my filter for you)))

You can send the output to stdout.

You can tag all documents which dont match your grok filter and improve your expression step-by-step.

You can take some of your 1000 documents and put it into together with your expression.

You could post your GROK Expression with some samples here to get more feedback.

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Thank you! Tomorrow, i will test filter and reply!

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