GROK filter for specific keyword and values

LOG MSG : "2020-05-13 09:30:15.405 [localhost] [Services] [Request Id : 06118032-ba2f-406e-b6b3-89f0511924ba] [User Id : HUNTER@UK.B-AND-Q.COM] INFO com.logging.aspect.AspectController:120 - [1242,124202,] Exit LookupLastTransaction: Output ["Transaction_id =RT1242124202130519002650 TransactionDateTime TotalQuantity =6 TenderTotal = GrandTotal = TotalAmount =�29.94 ReturnAmount =�0.00"] "

Above line is my log message.As I am new to GROK filter I am finding it very difficult to parse the Total Amount as separate filed and send that to kibana. Can some one pls help how to filter the value as separate filed?

Hi Akshara - do you have your grok for the rest of the log message? Or do you only want to take the "TotalAmount" value out?

Hi Jason

This is my GROK filter
%{GREEDYDATA}(?< TotalAmount >(?<= TotalAmount =�)[^&]+)(?< ReturnAmount >(?<= ReturnAmount =�)[^&])

When I use this the output is coming like this
"TotalSalesAmount": "29.94 TotalReturnAmount =�",
"TotalReturnAmount": "0"
All I want is some thing like this
"TotalSalesAmount": "29.94 ",
"TotalReturnAmount": "0.00"

Try this (not using any regex patterns) so make sure it will work with all your possible options


Hi Jason,
Thx for the response.But it is not working

What's the error you get? See below screenshot:

Hi Jason,Thankyou verymuch for helping me. It is working in grokdebug.BUt when I try this in Kibana debugger it is not working. I am not sure what is the issue

Thanks a Ton Jason.It worked. It was my my Bad I did a mistake in debugger.
You saved my life...

I have few questions
1.If I need to add one more filter like this means
%{GREEDYDATA}Cash tenderAmount%{SPACE}=%{DATA}%{NUMBER:CashTenderAmount}

for log which will be printed in another line means ,how can I add multiple GROK filters in logsatsh.conf file?

2.If my log file has several other information which is printed in different lines means ,then if I use this GROK filters will fail or what?


I think I understood. You have one logstash.conf file and you want 2 different grok patterns to match two different potential log messages? You'd use this:

grok {
match => [
  "message", "GROKPattern1",
  "message", "GROKPattern2"

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