Grok for WebSphere log


please help me to define grok for below log

{ "sysdate":"[08/Jun/2019:00:00:12 -0400]", "site":"", "host":"", "method":"POST", "request":"/services/servicePath", "querystring":"", "port":"4413", "username":"-", "cookie":"000eyoCaOciM:1b68jpu1f:1bv8bktat", "coauthsessionid":"-", "clienthost":"", "httpversion":"HTTP/1.1", "useragent":"-", "referer":"-", "responsestatus":"20", "subresponse":"0", "win32status":"0", "sbytes":"799", "cbytes":"0", "timetaken":"3595" }


No need to grok i saw your log is valid in JSON format so you'll have to try something like :

json {
                                source => "message"
                                add_tag => [ "json" ]

See documentation

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