Grok: identify start of multiline message inside a line


I am having serious problems parsing some logs of ours. The Problem is that the messages, which are also multiline, begin in the middle of the line. There is a workable pattern for the beginning of the message but how can I instruct logstash to correctly cut the message?

the log looks something like this:

trying something like
multiline {
pattern => "begin*"
negate => true
what => previous
doesn't work.

Is it even possible to parse this?

If you change the pattern to ^beginmessage: I don't see why it shouldn't work.

Thanks for the reply. It doesn't work though, as the begin pattern is not placed at the beginning of the line.

I kinda got something. With:


I could get the right parts of the message. Problem is now that they are intermingled. How can I form an entry using the lasthalf from the last message and the firsthalf from the current one?

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