Grok... is it just me or is it really that difficult?


for some days now i try to figure out how to properly use grok to filter my logfiles.
I use the classic? setup with filebeat as the input of logstash and elasticsearch and kibana for visualizing.

So far i managed to display some data in kibana explore; but my custom fields (which i defined? in grok) are always empty...

it also seems like, that only two of my logfiles are filtered (syslog and another one); but my server got like more then 20 different. The filebeat.yaml is set to /var/log/* - so every file in there should be BEATEN to logstash.

My goal is to analyze access and error logs from apache as well from modsecurity; but particularly modsecurity log entries seem to be a mess to filter with grok.

Is there anyone out there who could share his grok filters or link a tutorial on how to properly configure grok? I tried so many ( and so on) but with no real success.

All field i get seem to be made by kibana itself and most of them only offer information about the target (host) but nothing about the client (agent).

Thank you in advance, Louis

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