Grok match regex


I want to create grok match and have the 2 first words and the last part of the message.
For example:
ERROR;AuthenticationController ;processMessage ;THR=11107194 R=760a52d97983874 T=6031a0711ec3 U=Unauthenticated I= A=- C=0001 O=- V=-;Code[TXT-CD,LAA001] transformation to input contract failed

I have this filter

"exceptionHeader": [
";Code[TXT-CD,LAA001] transformation to input contract failed"
Any idea how I can add "ERROR;AuthenticationController" to "exceptionHeader"?


I don't know if it's possible to put all the values you want directly in a unique field. So i put values in multiple field and put them together in a new field with add_field option.
After that, i remove duplicate data with remove_field.

filter {
  grok {
    match => {
      "message" => "^%{DATA:part1};%{DATA:part2};%{GREEDYDATA};%{DATA:part3}$"
    add_field => { "content" => "%{part1};%{part2};%{part3}"}
    remove_field => [ "part1", "part2", "part3" ]


thanks for the info Cad, it works !

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