Grok Named capture group as metadata


I was wondering if it is possible to set a named capture group as metadata rather then a field sent to Elastic?

I'm parsing some data that has these permutations for the same field:

1m 125s 345ms
125s 345ms

For this I have the following regex:

(?<checkpoint_m_duration>[0-9?]*m)? ?(?<checkpoint_s_duration>[0-9?]*s)? ?(?<checkpoint_ms_duration>[0-9]*ms)?

That give me three fields that I need to strip out the characters (m, s, ms) and then add up. I don't need these three fields (checkpoint_m_duration, checkpoint_s_duration, checkpoint_ms_duration) sent to Elastic and wanted them as metadata so I can process.

Yes, you can use [@metadata], which most outputs ignore.

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