Grok parse failure ensist


I am trying to parse the following log. My purpose is to take the number 4 field that is highlighted in the vertical red rectangle

The exact log message to be parsed is this one:
C:\Program Files (x86)\AlwaysUp\AlwaysUpService.exe, CATRIN Instanz 4 (managed by AlwaysUpService), C:\alfaplan\CATRIN\Programme4\Catrin.exe /SAG_ROOPZ, -k, -m, -y, 8, 20:00:00, 0, -rn, -f, 3, 0, -fd, 5, 1

Nevertheless, as the image above shows i receive grok parse failure in the tags field when i use the folowing code in the relative pipeline:

 if "CATRIN" in [host][name]  {
	    if "AlwaysUpService.exe" in [process][name]  {
	        grok {
                match => { [process][args] => "%{PATH:v1} %{WORD:v2} %{NUMBER:catrin-instance} %{GREEDYDATA:v3}" }

The weird thing is that when i test my grok patter i have success as the image show below:

So probably i do something wrong in my if statements above..

Any possible help?

Thank you

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