Grok parsing and skipping lines

Hey! i have to parse the output of a command linux,extract specific fields and skip some lines.I'm trying but its not working.

SSID: "#SOMB-875-LY5C"
Mode: Managed   RSSI: 1 dBm     SNR: 0 dB       noise: -89 dBm  Channel: 120
BSSID: 2C:7M:68:NC:12:Z1        Capability: ESS 
Supported Rates: [ 1(N) 8 2(E) 48 49(C) 65 57 25 ]
VHT Capable:
        Chanspec: 5GHz channel 106 80MHz (0xe010b)
        Primary channel: 100

i want to extract the "noise" ,"BSSID" . plus the two last lines

Any idea please?
this is my trial


I would try an approach like this.

unfortunately it's not working. the Grok Debugger is indicating "no matches"

"SSID : %{NOTSPACE:ssid}",
                "noise : %{NOTSPACE:noise}",
                "BSSID: %{NOTSPACE:bssid}",
                "Chanspec : %{NOTSPACE:Chanspec}",
                "Primary channel : %{GREEDYDATA:primary}

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