Grok pattern all match but still grokparsefailure


so im parsing multiline logs using filebeat and logstash.
The multline pattern is made in filebeat like this:

        pattern: '^Offset'
        negate: true
        match: after

one complete log looks like this:

Offset = 948639, Topic = LOGM, Source = NDM, Type = CreateSystemApiLog, Value = entry {
  correlationId: "gferw|NDM-5c59f6bd-9b11-4928-b5f6-6d76bcd58cd1"
  sourceId: "NDM"
  entryType: REQUEST
  entrySubType: END_POINT
  operation: READ
  user: "gferw"
  host: ""
  uri: "/com.oiforum.json/ndm/network/1/endpoint/1311656127347565"
  timestamp: "2016-11-11T11:38:24.939Z"

im using to test the grok patterns and the results are this:

Every field is parsed with grok patterns correctly, but the grokconstructor website still gives error.

when i apply the same patterns to logstash and filebeat and then visualize the data generated, it always appears with the tag "_grokparsefailure" so i have no fields from the log. Why is this happening?

found the error: invisible space right after the full grok pattern -.-'

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