Grok pattern fails although it is valid


I need to extract the first numeric value from this log line:

Summary for local -------------- Succeeded: 515 (changed=142) Failed: 0 -------------- Total: (etc.)

so this is my grok filter:

grok {
	match => { "message" => "\ASummary for local -------------- Succeeded: %{NUMBER:succeeded} %{GREEDYDATA:foo}" }

The filter works perfectly in Grokconstructor - Test grok patterns but it returns a _grokparsefailure when run in my ELK stack.

Why is that?

The source is a file ingested via Filebeat configured with multiline.

In general, I've found the grok plugin to be very fragile -- about 80% of the time it throws an error. I suspect it has issues correctly ingesting a message. For this reason I either use dissect, or mutate with gsub. Does anyone else have the same experience?

Error with dissect filter [SOLVED]

I've even tried to replace the built-in grok patterns with regexes, but with no avail:

grok {
	match => { "message" => "\ASummary for local -------------- Succeeded: (?<succeeded>[0-9]+) (?<foo>.*) }

EDIT: This behaviour is very likely due to the multiline message, see Error with dissect filter. I'll do some tests and report here my findings.

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