Grok pattern for highlighted log format


We are having log format as follows:

<Property name="log.pattern">%highlight{%d{ISO8601}{UTC} %-5p [%t] %X{-tracking-id} %c{1} - %m%n}</Property>

We created grok pattern for it and after parsing through logstash, we found garbage character on kibana dashboard which is causing grokparsefailure.

Could somebody please help us in parsing highlighted text in logs.

Following are the example logs for which we are getting issue:

^[[m^[[33m2017-01-20T11:49:14,454 WARN [main] ClassPostProcessor - Cannot enhance @Configuration bean definition 'refreshScope' since its singleton instance has been created too early.
^[[m^[[33m2017-01-20T11:49:31,132 WARN [main] ConfigurationSource - No URLs will be polled as dynamic configuration sources.

Thanks and regards,

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