Grok pattern for SYSLOGPROG

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I'm currently looking into Logstash which recieves our logs from the syslog server, which recieves logs from our windows hosts (logged with NXLog, parsed as JSON).

Currently I'm having having a issue with the default syslog parser, due to the program/process ID being 0 (not positive integer). Looking into the RFC it's not saying anything about positive integers is must.

So my question is, should I just make a workaround with filter (if yes, what is the best way?), or is this a subject to posting a GitHub request for changing the default grok pattern?

Below is information about setup (new to this forum, so I doesn't know if it's get formatted correct)

Sample event:

Aug 23 01:20:00 X.X.X.X PowerShell[0]: {"EventTime":"2019-08-23 01:20:00","Hostname"XXXX",....lots of data....}

Config sample:

input {
	syslog {
		port => 1514
		type => "syslog"

output {
	stdout { codec => rubydebug { metadata => true } }

Original grok:
SYSLOGPROG %{PROG:program}(?:\[%{POSINT:pid}\])?

Suggest grok:
SYSLOGPROG %{PROG:program}(?:\[%{NONNEGINT:pid}\])?

I suggest using the grok_pattern option on the syslog filter to replace the default "<%{POSINT:priority}>%{SYSLOGLINE}" to a version that includes your modified SYSLOGPROG

Thank you for the answer, Badger... That is also an option. Reason writing this is because when you're using type => syslog in input, it's automatically testing multiple formats as I've read in the documentation.

Based on your reply I've solved this with the grok_pattern and reversed the syslog2 pattern to the following:

grok_pattern => "(?:%{SYSLOGTIMESTAMP:timestamp}|%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:timestamp8601}) (?:%{SYSLOGFACILITY} )?%{SYSLOGHOST:logsource}+(?: %{PROG:program}(?:[%{NONNEGINT:pid}])?:|) %{GREEDYDATA:message}"

That's what you meant, right?

Yes, it is.

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