Grok Pattern - Need help

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Hi, I'm totally new to ELK and logstash with Grok patterns.. I was able to parse and extract Apache logs using ( grok { match => { "message" => "%{COMMONAPACHELOG}" } }
). but I do have one more application with different log patterns unable to extract everything from grok pattern. Could someone help me with this. below is log format

[17/Jul/2018:08:59:46 -0400] - http-nio-8700-exec-40 'GET /Component/Transfer?client%5Fid=5223362&sessionID=U8429AasT5B4DE82A%4010%2E40%2E88%2E1S23 HTTP/1.1' 200 0

[17/Jul/2018:08:59:46 -0400] http-nio-8700-exec-39 'POST /Component/agent/status HTTP/1.1' 200 1

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you have to write the grok parser. You can use the below link for constructing your grok parser

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