GROK pattern troubles

I cant seem to find a pattern for this custom log file:

CDR|N|05:01:2020 12:00:00:991|TEL|20010|blue02|16285|34|TEL_InitiateCall|AA_Rr_Tenant|blue02-PORT34-0501202011595810:SC:AA_Rr_Tenant:7667320521:17663223511:0501202012000099::
CDR|N|05:01:2020 12:00:01:996|TEL|20011|brown02|16285|23|TEL_DropCall|AA_Rr_Tenant|brown02-PORT23-0501202011585615:EC:02:0501202012000199::

This was my first pass and it would not parse.


Being a newbie I thought I would break down the problem in parts and I have a few questions and lots of problems.

The date and time: I would like to combine
I thought maybe a mix of GROK and REGEX

%{WORD:cdr.LogID}\|%{WORD:cdr.LogID}\|(?<cdr.Date>((?:[:0-9]+))) (?<cdr.Time>((?:[:0-9]+)))

I thought I would have the Date and Time in the first fields under 'cdr" instead of its own field?
A space is added in front of the Month/Year/Minute/Seconds/SSec not how that happened?

  "cdr": [
  "cdr.Date": [
    "05: 01: 2020"
  "cdr.Time": [
    "12: 00: 00: 991"

At the end of the record the fields are little bit different with missing fields:
This was my first pass:


Is there a way to have missing fields where in this case Org. and Des. are not in the second record?


I was testing this pattern on Grok Debugger
I am not sure why the "." makes a difference in the name of the field?

%{USERNAME:cdr.Key}:%{WORD:cdrCDRType}:    This one works
%{USERNAME:cdr.Key}:%{WORD:cdrCDR.Type}:   This one fails 

Example of the working output without the "." in the field name:

  "cdr": [
  "cdrCDRType": [

How was my posting formatting? The posting message suggested I fix the code statements?

As far as I can see the ending curly brace is missing for the cdr.HH field.

Given the structure of the log entry I would also probably recommend using the dissect filter rather than grok.It is generally faster and IMHO easier to use.

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