Grok, variable lenght array beside normal fields

Hi, I have a log tat contains an array and normal fields, separated by a space

field1 field2 ['27', '32'] field4

my grok will be

%{DATA:field1} %{DATA:field2} ??????? %{DATA:field4} 

How can I grok this variable lenght array ?


I would do it with dissect instead of grok, if you really want to use grok then

%{NOTSPACE:field1} %{NOTSPACE:field2} \[%{NOTSPACE:field3}\] %{DATA:field4}

might work. Then use mutate+split on field3.

I was trying to follow your answer in another post, but without results, grokparse failure, can you see what is wrong with my code?

this is the log:

02/04/20 17:07:58 ['somehostgroup', 'Auto Discovery'] --somehost-- 1501869 10255 ['27', '178']

The conf

filter {
        if [application] == "2uptime" {
                grok {
                        match => {"message" => "%{DATA:fecha} %{TIME:hora} \[%{NOTSPACE:hostgroup}\] --%{DATA:hostname}-- %{NUMBER:value} %{NUMBER:hostid} \[%{NOTSPACE:hgid}\]"}

                ruby {
                code => '
                    a = event.get("hostgroup")

                    if a then
                        a.each_index { |i|
                            event.set("hgname#{i+1}", a[i])

                    x = event.get("hgid")

                    if x then
                        x.each_index { |z|
                            event.set("hgid#{z+1}", x[z])

That contains spaces, so does not match NOTSPACE. Try switching it to DATA.

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Thanks Badger but now gives me:

"Ruby exception occurred: undefined method `each_index' for...the rest of hostgoups in the array"

I've tried removing the brackets surrounding the hostgroup and the hostgroupid,




thinking that maybe ruby doesnt know that is an array, but didnt work either

If you have

The [hostgroup] field is not an array, it is a string. You may be able to convert it to an array using the split function of a mutate filter (not a split filter).

The equivalent of


will throw a undefined method exception unless [hostgroup] is an array.

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