Groking Issue with Multiple data formats

Hi here !

I have multiple formats in one file to grok.Below is the one type of data
2017-03-23 08:51:43,088 INFO [ActiveMQ Session Task-142] INVOICE02-SAP Vendor Number: SAP Vendor Number Query Result [{DUNS_ID=750944209, SAP_VENDOR_NUMBER=301183}]
Which is running fine with the below grok

But when I run on this format of data
2017-03-23 08:51:42,913 INFO [[order-processing-].Vendor-Email-Flow.stage1.32] org.mule.api.processor.LoggerMessageProcessor:
the task_descriptor is not getting proper value. it returns "[order-processing-" but I need it to return "[[order-processing-].Vendor-Email-Flow.stage1.32]"

If i changed DATA:task_descriptor to GREEDYDATA:task_descriptor as shown below
then above issue is resolved but first format of data is not coming through properly. Everything after the "INFO" field ends up the task_descriptor field, instead of just the "[ActiveMQ Session Task-142]" piece.
Kindly advise.

Tested above on ""

\s* means "zero or more whitespace characters", which isn't correct in your case since you really want there to be a space before and after the log level (for example). Use \s+ for "one or more whitespace characters" instead.

Thanks.So nice of you.My issue resolved.

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