Gsub syntax to remove all before \



I'm trying to write up a gsub to remove everything before a slash. My input will come in the format of something similar to:


All I'm looking for is the firstname.lastname from the field.

Currently, after trying all sorts of iterations, I have:

gsub => [ "UserName", "[*\\]", "" ]

Still doesn't fix my problem.

Could I get a pointer on the structure of the gsub I need and the method behind it?


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can you give the entire filter ?
also your regex isn't correct, try this "(.*\\)" instead of "[*\\]"


Thanks for the reply. I'd already tried that particular syntax but still no luck. The full filter is shown below. I'm essentially pulling in a txt file as a key/value pair, mutating some of it and pushing it to Elastic. The UserName field contains either the PC name and the username separated by a \ or the domain name and username in the same format.

filter {
  if [type] == "log" {
		kv {
    field_split => ";"
		value_split => "="
		trim_value => "\s"
date {
        match => [ "EventTime", "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" ]
        target => "@timestamp"
	    timezone => "Europe/London"
mutate {
		gsub => [ "UserName", "(.*\\)", "" ]
		gsub => [ "ComputerIPAddress", "\r", "" ]
		remove_field => [ "message" ]


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