Handling related logs

I have three types of logs, e.g. A, B and C, where A is the parent of both B and C.

The A log comes first and is saved into elastic search, but B and C can come minutes or hours later. B and C contain the reference to A (their parent).

I want to update the log A in elastic search with B and C when they come, so the schema looks like:

dataA: A,
dataB: B,
dataC: C

I tried using parent/child relationship in elastic search, but since the relationships are one-to-one, it does
not make sense to use it (also the querying is slow) - I would rather have denormalized structure.

Is there any way to partialy update the elastic search document from logstash? Or have I gone about this
all wrong? I would love some suggestions :slight_smile:

You could define your own _id for the event when you send it to Elasticsearch, that would be for the parent document, A.
Then for document B, you could do an Elasticsearch filter to lookup A and then merge the two docs, making sure the output uses the same _id as the step above in the output.
Then repeat for document C.

Basically you store the first doc and then update it with the next two :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I'll try this approach.
Are there any performance consideration using it?

There is delays due to the lookups but I can't think it'd be worth worrying about given the end value.

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