Harvesting a moved file in filebeat

In the documentation of filebeat under harvesters section, it says that a file won't be harvested again if a file is moved/deleted while harvester is closed.
Also it says that filebeat internally maintains inode number in registry to keep track of fiiles which has been harvested.

But also in the section "How does filebeat keep the state of files", it says
"For each input, Filebeat keeps a state of each file it finds. Because files can be renamed or moved, the filename and path are not enough to identify a file. For each file, Filebeat stores unique identifiers to detect whether a file was harvested previously."

Now this seems to be two opposite things. On the first place it says that the file will not be harvested later if the file is moved while the harvester is closed, but later it says that it will harvest the moved file properly. Am I missing something ? Does it have to do annything with where the file has been moved ?

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